Our Pride…is to be part of our customers’ success

Dataworks is a business technology firm that centers its knowledge and expertise in the implementation of enterprise solutions, oriented to develop Business Initiatives that improve the processes and the operations, reduces costs and collaborates in the business development.

With over 17 years of successful service experience, our company provides software development services as well as data storage support, standing out from our competitors not only by the technical knowledge, but a business one.

Being this the one factor that distinguishes us the most among the industries in which we provide our services: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Entertainment & Media, Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Education & Training, Technology, Transportation and Government.

Our service combination provides our customers a range of technology solutions ranging from Business Software Development to the execution of operational environments (Data Center). 

Dataworks design, develops, integrates and implements sophisticated business process solution incorporating best business practice and methods. We provide you with  business solutions by focusing on your business objectives and suggesting business process improvements tailored to your needs. We help customers carry out proactive, cost effective and state-of-the-art solutions that are aligned with their business strategies and goals. Dataworks provides consulting, training and support services to users, vendors and consulting companies. We can assist you through every stage of the analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance process.

What We Do

For over two decades we have provided services and solutions that have allowed our customers to be more agile, efficient and competitive. Our services span the entire spectrum of technical and management components of your information technology needs. We build complete end-to-end data solution

Software Development

Based on our expertise, we adapt the technology of our business partners to you, delivering specific solutions to your needs

Workflow and process automation

We have successfully transformed manual processes into trustable and traceable systems that curtail time, costs, and human errors.

Compliance and audit support

Our highly qualified professionals have supported users through audit processes, either internal or by federal regulator like SEC, FDIC, FED. Moreover, we build and implement solutions to help our customers comply with regulations like OFAC, FACTA, money laundering prevention, FINCEN, taxes, KYC, etc.

Business Partners

Dataworks Consulting Group is the only MicroStrategy distributor in Puerto Rico. 

Turn your business data into business insight.

MicroStrategy is more than just business intelligence. We give you all the tools you need to get the most out of your data and transform the way that your retail organization operates.

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